Apr 16 2014

Taken For A Ride

I was in relationship for over twenty years with my high school sweetheart. He decided that he wanted to be with someone else and not me any more. I was pretty shocked and never saw anything like this coming at me at all. He moved out when I was at work and I came home to an empty house. It completely destroyed me for about a year and I was pretty depressed.

I had to struggle to buy new furniture and appliances which I had to do little by little. I told myself from that day on that I would never get into another relationship again. It has been over 5 years and I am more independent then ever. My self-esteem is way higher then it used to be and when I need my sexual desires complete, I turn to fuck buddy dating.

Apr 11 2014

Just a bit of fun

It’s Brady’s 40th birthday next month and we have planned to take a trip to London and stay in a very posh hotel for the weekend. We’ll more than likely get some shopping done and we’ll definitely check out some of the pubs near to where we are staying but the main thing we’ve planned and what I’m looking forward to most is meeting up with a couple of male London escorts for a bit of fun. Neither of us have ever done anything like it before and it will probably be just a one off but it is her 40th after all and we could both do with some excitement in our lives right now. We have arranged for them to meet us in the hotel lobby at around 7pm on the Saturday night.

Jan 27 2014

My Grandmas First Date

My Grandma’s not exactly the classic old fashioned Grandma. There are no fresh baked cookies waiting for us when we visit, she doesn’t knit, crochet or care too much for bingo. She still worked full time but seemed a bit lonely. She was widowed before I was born. Grandma gave up on the fuck buddies dating scene many years ago, saying all the good ones were married. She loves her e book reader and sending me advice via texts. I knew there was someone “out there” who would love my Grandma as much as I do. After some gentle convincing, Grandma completed a profile on an online dating site. It was a lot of fun watching Grandma get ready for her first date with a nice guy she met online. He may be “the one”, but if not Grandma is now having the time of her life using online dating services.

Dec 23 2013

My Girlfriend

I’ve never had a girlfriend. I think it’s because of my physical deformity. I have a degenerative disease that’s left my body crippled but my mind intact. I think I’m a great guy – I’m funny, romantic, and I actually have a good job working in IT – but I understand why normal women don’t want to get involved with me. I don’t know where I would be emotionally if I didn’t have Geneva escorts. I see a beautiful lady there who acts just like my girlfriend. I take her out to dinner and then back to my place about once a month. We have long conversations every time I see her. She’s in college getting a computer science degree so we have a lot in common and we really get along well. I know I can’t have a completely normal life, but she helps me feel like a man. I’m so happy that I found her.