Apr 14 2014

A Taste of Her Own Medicine

I understand that women like there space and like to have some sort of independence, but some of them go to the extremes with it. I always hear about my wife going out to the bar and dancing with numerous men. I know it is just dancing, but if it was me I would hear about it for years to come. I am not comfortable with what she is doing and find it embarassing to me as her husband. So just to give her a taste of her own medicine, I hired a lady from the London BDSM to go out with me to the same bar my wife will be at tonight. I think a little jealousy might do her good, maybe then she will realize that what she is doing is not okay. Hopefully it turns out like I plan it to, if not everything could turn out very badly. But I am prepared for it. I can’t take one more night of her going out like that, so I am willing to take on all the consequences of my actions.

Apr 11 2014

Just a bit of fun

It’s Brady’s 40th birthday next month and we have planned to take a trip to London and stay in a very posh hotel for the weekend. We’ll more than likely get some shopping done and we’ll definitely check out some of the pubs near to where we are staying but the main thing we’ve planned and what I’m looking forward to most is meeting up with a couple of male London escorts for a bit of fun. Neither of us have ever done anything like it before and it will probably be just a one off but it is her 40th after all and we could both do with some excitement in our lives right now. We have arranged for them to meet us in the hotel lobby at around 7pm on the Saturday night.

Mar 24 2014

Alone While A Party Is Going On

My friends and I were sitting around the dorm lounge as bored as could be. There was a great party on campus, but with all of us being girls, we did not want to go as a group. The idea was mentioned to call Manchester escorts to send over a few men who would be our dates. A few of us had called the service before and were pleasantly satisfied with the services we received, so we decided to do it. We were not disappointed as the company sent us the hottest guys on the list. The men were attentive at the party and even more fun when we all got back to our dorms. I myself would have never thought of calling an escort service, but with the fun we all had, I think I am going to use them more often.

Mar 7 2014


My Singapore escorts male friend stopped over after he had worked his day job for 12 hours. He was very tired but he still walked in with a 12 pack and a pint of Vodka. I usually do not start drinking early in the day but I said “what the heck”. My work sent me home early today because it was very slow at our office. On our downtime we have to clean all of the booths and ledges with a sanitizer called “Dispatch”.

We talked and drank our little hearts out and then decided that it was time to sit down and watch the news. There was a thunderstorm quickly approaching so I had to run outside and put my kid’s bikes away. By the time I got back in the house the power went out from a lightening strike nearby. He was a gentleman and stayed with me until my power was restored!

Jan 27 2014

My Grandmas First Date

My Grandma’s not exactly the classic old fashioned Grandma. There are no fresh baked cookies waiting for us when we visit, she doesn’t knit, crochet or care too much for bingo. She still worked full time but seemed a bit lonely. She was widowed before I was born. Grandma gave up on the fuck buddies dating scene many years ago, saying all the good ones were married. She loves her e book reader and sending me advice via texts. I knew there was someone “out there” who would love my Grandma as much as I do. After some gentle convincing, Grandma completed a profile on an online dating site. It was a lot of fun watching Grandma get ready for her first date with a nice guy she met online. He may be “the one”, but if not Grandma is now having the time of her life using online dating services.

Dec 23 2013

My Girlfriend

I’ve never had a girlfriend. I think it’s because of my physical deformity. I have a degenerative disease that’s left my body crippled but my mind intact. I think I’m a great guy – I’m funny, romantic, and I actually have a good job working in IT – but I understand why normal women don’t want to get involved with me. I don’t know where I would be emotionally if I didn’t have Geneva escorts. I see a beautiful lady there who acts just like my girlfriend. I take her out to dinner and then back to my place about once a month. We have long conversations every time I see her. She’s in college getting a computer science degree so we have a lot in common and we really get along well. I know I can’t have a completely normal life, but she helps me feel like a man. I’m so happy that I found her.

Nov 20 2013

Screwing it All Up

So far I have managed to screw almost everything in my life up within a weeks time. I got knocked down a spot at work on Monday and on Thursday my girlfriend moved back in with her parents. But that is not the worst. When I got home on Friday I had an eviction notice on my doorstep. I have no idea why this all happened at once, but I guess it is better to deal with them all together and move on quickly. I haven’t been able to take it all in yet so tomorrow I am going out with Liverpool escorts to relax and take a breather before I have to start picking up the pieces. I know if I put my mind to it I can be up and going within a months time. I still have many years ahead of me to make my life the way I want it to be.